European Ecolabel

 European Ecolabel

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Camping la Venise Verte, the second European campsite to be awarded the Eco-label !

This bit of publicity was to introduce the public to this new eco-friendly European standard.

In France, two eco-labels are awarded :

The French eco-label (NF environment) specifically for the French market
The European Eco-label for the European Union countries.

To find out it if the product or service you wish to use is eco-friendly,  check that it has an eco-label.
For example, the campsite fulfills all the criteria in the tourist accommodation category and therefore has the flower logo on its eco-label.

How did we do it ?
The first stage was not easy and meant we had to prepared to carry out numerous changes.  How could we reorganise our operation in a more eco-friendly and responsible way ? There were numerous questions but it meant positive progression.

Fulfilling all the criteria
The criteria to obtain the European eco-label in the ‘tourist accommodation’ category were very demanding. From looking at our energy consumption to the packaging of the goods we sell, we were obliged to re-consider our actions in numerous ways.  It is impossible to achieve this end without a sincere belief in sustainable development.

Finding the right formula
It is a constant battle to maintain a balance !  In order to this we had to :

Change of adapt our installations
Choose the best products for cooking, cleaning etc
Establish good practices for us and our clients
Know how to raise the awareness of the client in a sensitive way

Obtaining it and keeping it !
At any moment the European eco-label can be taken away from us : regular inspections ensure that we are complying with the criteria.  On top of that, every 3 years, the criteria are re-enforced.  The eco-label shows our clients that we shall keep pace with ecological advances.