The Marais Poitevin

 The Marais Poitevin, ecotourisme turned to nature

History :

Since the 10th century, generations of local people have shaped the Marais Poitevin.  Neighbouring abbeys joined forces to drain the marshlands, taken over later by the monarchy and then by Dutch specialists.  Today this amphibious region is divided into two distinct zones :

the dry area
  • The wet area
  • The dry area

Camping la Venise Verte is situated in the wetlands along a central artery, the Sèvre river, where a network of streams and waterways converge.  The luscious vegetation is quite remarkable.  Relax to the rhythm of the punt, a flat bottomed boat once used for transporting animals, particularly cows, and propelled by a long pole « la pigouille » which reaches as far as the river bed.  Canoe hire is also possible.

The marais poitevin : "Great site of France"


Le marais poitevin, un tourisme vert authentique
La maison aux volets bleus à Coulon
Une grenouille... qui bulle !^^
Un quator de plates, les barques du marais poitevin