Ecotourism turned to nature

 Ecotourism turned to nature

ecologie tourisme autrement frise

Eco-friendly holidays

Going on holiday obviously has certain repercussions.  At the moment we are concerned with climate change and over consumption of energy so we must think about a new sort of tourism with a human aspect.  We must be mindful of reducing our impact on the natural world and reflect upon human progress.

Our aim is to persuade the holidaymaker not just to be a passive visitor but an active participant by acting in a responsible way. We would like to put in place a fair and socially acceptable form of tourism.

We know that tourism has an impact on climate change, on local populations, on pollution levels, on eco-systems and on bio-diversity.

Today we are stuck in a vicious circle : tourism is one of the sectors which influences more and more environmental and climate change.  It is these changes that are going to ruin tourist sites frequented by the majority of holidaymakers.

But eco-tourism has taken on the natural world.  It is practised in small groups.  It aims to develop and maintain the local economy for example by a guided tour of a nature spot.  Its objective is to clearly promote protected areas of natural beauty and its economy.

This is why we are offering green holidays on a site which guarantees protection of the local heritage, the sustainability of the countryside and the development of quality of life for its inhabitants.